Player caught drink driving

Gangwon FC goalkeeper Ham Seok-min as been caught drink driving this week and is sure to face disciplinary action. 

This week it was reported by Sportal Korea that Ham Seok-min was found to have been involved in a drink driving accident on Tuesday.

The goalkeeper with three appearances for his club this season it was reported had the accident in the early hours of the morning. It is then thought that when tested for alcohol in his system the player was found to be over the limit. In Korea, the limit is .05% of alcohol which is roughly a pint or .5 litres of beer. 

The further details of the incident are still under investigation. 

What will happen to the player in terms of the law is still to be seen while on top of this is club is sure to issue disciplinary proceedings. Although am convinced both the police and Gangwon FC will be keen to have all the facts before any further action is taking. 

Within in the K League, they can though suspend a player for up to 60 days (up to 90 days can be extended) before a disciplinary hearing. It then appears like the 24-year-old who last played in a 3-1 defeat to Daegu on the 5th August could be out of action for a while. 

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