Paulo Bento hits the ground running

New South Korean manager wastes no time 

New South Korean manager Paulo Bento has wasted no time since being employed in his new role. After being in the job for only a week or two, he was straight out watching FC Seoul vs Pohang Steelers. 

Bento seems like a man determined to hit the ground running and get to know as much as he can about Korean football from the off, that is clear by him wasting no time at all in viewing matches. South Korea’s first set of friendlies with him in charge are fasting approaching, however, meaning that he couldn’t take his time to assess the league and players over a longer period even if he wanted to. 

The intensity was different from what I’m used to

Bento has said that the intensity in the K-League is a lot different from what he saw from the South Korean national side at the World Cup and this leaves a lot of room for improvement in Korean football. This could be something that he is hoping will change over time. 

He did, however, acknowledge that the fixtures have been cram packed due to the World Cup which disrupted the progress of the K-League season. Bento said the disruption must have been a factor in the low level of intensity and that he is fully focused on developing a comprehensive understanding on as many players as possible. 

Bento says one game isn’t enough 

Paulo Bento knows that one game isn’t enough to make a conclusive judgement on the South Korean national side, and that will only come over a course of a prolonged period of time. With the friendlies against Costa Rica and Chile coming up though he is going to have his work cut out for him on trying to pick a side for those games. I wouldn’t be surprised if he will be heavily relying on his backroom team for the first two matches as the lack of time in the role will surely hinder what he knows to begin with. 

Bento has said that his first priority is to give the team an identity that will allow them to think about when and where to press the opposition. Clearly, the strength of the South Koreans has already been pinpointed when he says, “we have to use our strength by running endlessly for 90 minutes”.
South Korea will face Costa Rica on the 7th September and Chile on the 11th September so we will see then how much Bento has done in a short space of time, but it is obviously not a big indicator to how his appointment will pan out. 

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