Kwon Chang-hoon out until at least March 2019

Kwon Chang-hoon the 24-year-old midfielder currently at French side Dijon announced this week he will not return till at least March 2019. The Korean sustained an Achilles injury just before the World Cup. 

At the time it was not clear how serious the injury was other than the fact he would miss out on playing in Russia. It happened 74 minutes into the final game of the French campaign, when the player who had 11 goals for Dijon, limped off the pitch.

Next up for the Korean star 

The player spoke last week about the injury now he has missed out on the World Cup and Asian Games. As he spoke about his injury and the extent of it, it became clear he will also miss the Asian Cup in early 2019.

The damage that he sustained it became obvious was, in fact, a ruptured tendon to his Achilles. This game had a really bad time for the player who had been playing well for his new club with 11 goals in 33 matches. 

While the midfielder seems in a positive mindset as he said: "I have to forget about the others (missed tournaments) and I am only focusing on rehabilitation." 

Now with Kwon Chang-hoon, missing the World Cup, Asian Games and Asian Cup, his next time in a Korea shirt could be the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. This is of course quite far off but it is the long-term goal for the player. 

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