Keisuke Honda named as Cambodia manager

Keisuke Honda named Cambodia manager even though he just signed for Melbourne Victory

Keisuke Honda has only signed for Melbourne Victory but some surprising news came out of Cambodia today, and that was that Honda will become the manager of the Cambodia national team.

The FFC (Cambodian Football Federation) held a press conference today to announce Honda as their new manager. This news seemingly came out of the blue but according to news reports Honda has been opening football academies in Cambodia since 2016 when he opened his first in Phnom Penh.

AFF Suzuki Cup will be Honda’s first management action

The AFF Suzuki Cup tournament will be Honda’s first competitive games in charge of Cambodia who are in the same group as Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Laos.

The AFF Suzuki Cup is South East Asia’s major regional competition and is fiercely contested amongst the teams throughout the region. Honda has a wealth of international experience, having played in Russia, Holland, Mexico, and Italy as well as his home country Japan. He will need all the experience he has built up over the years to improve Cambodia who are one of South East Asia’s weaker teams.

God knows how he will manage playing for Melbourne Victory and managing Cambodia

We honestly have no clue how he will manage the responsibility he has of playing for Melbourne Victory and managing Cambodia. We can only presume that Cambodia have allowed him to become the manager on a part time basis and leave his coaches in charge for the day to day running.

As he is a marquee signing in the A-League they will want him to play in as many games as possible, we do wonder what is going to happen for the international games that fall outside of the FIFA international window because they tend to happen often for Asian national teams. Honda for sure must have ran all this information past Melbourne Victory before he took the Cambodian job, you would like to think so anyway.

Honda is clearly a man who likes to keep himself busy, as he is going to be working like a man possessed to manage a national team and play for Melbourne Victory. It’s going to be interested to see if he can manage the workload of managing the Cambodian national team while also committing to play for Victory in the Australian A-League…only time will tell if it is possible.

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