A shocking story came out of the CSL over the weekend as Changchun Yatai midfielder Wang Shouting was knocked out. The incident happened in the opening minutes of their home match with Guangzhou Evergrande. 

Wang Shouting injury 

The midfielder was knocked out just moments into Saturday's 3-2 home league win when Yang Liyu's shoulder accidentally crashed Wang in the face as they both jumped for the ball.

The player then lay on the floor fighting to breathe as it looked like he may have swallowed his tongue. The circumstance got worse as when the medics had to try and kick open a jammed ambulance door in order to treat the player. 

The with medical staff from both sides rushing to help the 32-year-old Wang, players of both teams were clearly anxious as he lay unconscious, face down.

Minutes later the medics managed to open the ambulance door and treat the player. Wang was taken to the hospital and luckily he was later released with no long-lasting damage.

While you will think this will not be the end of the matter as the fact the situation was allowed to happen angered many. As Fabio Cannavaro, the  Guangzhou manager says the Chinese Super League lacks professionalism.

As the 44-year-old Italian said "The life of the players can't be ignored, during an emergency situation, there should be no waiting time of several minutes. Ambulance and first-aid equipment must be on standby at all times and the problem of the door that can’t be opened should not be ignored."

It seems that far too often we see ridiculous stories come out of the CSL and let's hope we will soon see an end to these. The argument that with the money in the league there should never be a lack of professionalism is very fair. 

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