Extra East Asian Players in Hong Kong

This week the Hong Kong FA announced plans for teams to register an extra player from China, Taiwan or Macau outside of their foreign quota. The plan will be for this to start next season which will be 2019/20.

How many non-homegrown players in the league now? 

The Hong Kong Premier League started back in 2014 and it was a way to increase popularity in the game in the country while also improving homegrown talent. 

In a move to develop the league while also keeping homegrown talent in the country, they implemented the foreign player rule that is restricted to six players (including one Asian/Australia player) per team.

While teams can have six players from outside of Hong Kong only four of them can be on the pitch at any one time. 

This extra player then from China, Taiwan or Macau will be added on top of this and will not count in a team's foreign player count. The FA are still to officially announce these plans but it looks at the moment that the federation is keen. 

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