CTFA last minute attempts to renew Gary White’s contract doomed to fail

CTFA attempt to keep White 

A Taipei Times report has stated that Gary White will join Hong Kong when his contract ends even though the CTFA are now attempting to get White to sign a new contract. The Taipei Times report has most likely got the same news as we saw in the South China Morning Post, however the fact the CTFA are now saying they want White to stay is an interesting development. 

As far as we are concerned we believe that White’s mind is almost certainly made up, and we believe he will become the new manager of Hong Kong regardless of the rhetoric being said through the media. 

CTFA infighting will continue to plague Taiwanese football

History will continue to repeat itself in Taiwan with regards to sports associations, there is no easy way to rid the associations of corruption. The people who have the power behind them to fight it out for control of a sports association are only interested in self-interest. 

If they were interested in developing sports, then the situation would be better than it is now. Try and play sports in Taiwan and you will find it difficult to find a venue, or an affordable group to join, especially for young people. 

Taiwan has the same dreadful pay to play model as the USA 

There was a lot of attention put on America’s pay to play model after America failed to qualify for the World Cup. The basic theory being that the pay to play model is holding back a lot of kids from accessing and playing sports due to financial reasons. 

Taiwan has a similar model to the USA with families, and kids being financially priced out of participating in sports. It is mostly for the privileged, if Taiwan are serious about developing sports then the CTFA and Gary White and his team need to find a way of addressing this issue. 

The pay as you play model is not the only issue around kids participating in sports in Taiwan, there is also a cultural aspect around studying being more important. If there is no clear pathway for kids to make a career from sports then parents will continue to push their kids into education instead of sports because they think it offers their kids a better future in life and who can blame them? 

The model is what needs changed, but changing the whole model takes time, effort and money, and to change the culture of kids not participating in sports is more difficult than changing the current football model. 

CTFA realize too late that Gary White is good for Taiwan

The CTFA have realized too late that Gary White could take Taiwan further than anyone else has previously but this has come too late, as they have been more focused on battling each other his contract has ran down and ends after the Asian Games finishes. 

His success with Taiwan hasn’t gone unnoticed to other teams in the region, to get Taiwan within a whisker of qualifying for the Asian Cup is nothing short of managerial genius. Hong Kong want some of that magic and after the Asian Games they’ll get it in my opinion. 

Taiwan will see the error of their ways soon after he leaves when the East Asian Championships take place and Taiwan promptly get trounced by a resurgent Hong Kong under White. 

After all that I’ve said I could still be wrong

After saying all that, I could still be wrong as it’s just my own opinion, if somehow the CTFA manage to persuade Gary White to stay in charge of Taiwan I think Taiwan will have a big chance of qualifying for the final round of the East Asian Championships.

A lot of Taiwanese media have commented that winning the games White won was easy due to who the opponents were, if he leaves we will see that it’s not easy again as Taiwan resort to their continual struggle. By keeping Gary White in charge Taiwan have a chance to actually qualify for a major Asian tournament, if he goes they’ll resort to type and he will sprinkle his magic dust over Hong Kong. For the sake of Taiwanese football fans we hope he stays, but Hong Kong fans are now hoping that he will manage them. Watch this space as we will we find out the conclusion to this saga after the Asian Games.

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