Chen Po-Liang set to make 100 appearances for Zhejiang Greentown

Zhejiang Greentown tweet Po-Liang close to 100 game milestone

Zhejiang Greentown’s official Instagram accounted today tweeted that Chen Po-Liang is close to 100 games for the club. That is a huge milestone for any player, but it is absolutely massive for a Taiwanese footballer to play this many times for a foreign club. 

Po-Liang is without a doubt the best player of his generation to come out of Taiwan, and when he retires they are going to find it hard to replace him. His experience of playing professionally in China should be used to help and guide other Taiwanese players in the future.

Well thought of in Greentown

Chen Po-Liang is well thought of by Zhejiang Greentown because they made him their club captain this season. You don’t become a team’s club captain if you’re not liked, or not highly thought of. 

Po-Liang is also the undisputed Taiwanese captain, and he will most likely remain the captain until he hangs up his boots. It can easily be seen why he is a good captain, because he is a leader on the pitch. Other players in the national team clearly look up to him.  Taiwan will be hoping there’s a lot of years left in those legs because without him they looked lost, but with him in the engine room instructing and guiding the guys around him through the game then Taiwan look a completely different side. 

His experience should be used by the CTFA (Chinese Taipei Football Assocation) to help guide young players towards a professional career

Not many Taiwanese players manage to make it as professional outside of the island, a fair few have tried and so far it has been a hit and miss stab at becoming pro. A small handful have managed to carve out a semi decent career playing in China’s lower leagues, but Chen Po has proven it is not impossible for Taiwanese players to become a key component of Chinese sides. 

Once his playing career is over, he should be contacted by the CTFA without a doubt to help guide players into professional careers, especially finding them clubs in China, because a move to China is linguistically and dare I say it culturally the easiest destination for Taiwanese players to move to, especially the ones that can only speak Mandarin. The young players could learn a great deal by learning from the best Taiwanese player of their generation. 

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