Balotelli said no to China

News emerged this week that the controversial Italian Mario Balotelli turned down a move to the CSL. He instead chose to stay with French side Nice where he is enjoying some of his best football. 

Jean-Pierre Rivere the Nice president reported this week that the 27-year-old turned down a big contract from a CSL side. Many expected that the attacker would be leaving this summer but the club confirmed he would not be going to China or anywhere else this season. 

The clubs manager Patrick Vieira even said the club should do all they can to allow the player to leave a few weeks ago. 

Mario Balotelli to stay with Nice

The player then told Nice TV last night “To be honest, where we finished last year, I had the intention to leave and the club knew it. At the end of the last season no, I wouldn’t have imagined that I would be here.”

“[I decided to stay] because the atmosphere has always been good, my life here has been good, the club is good, team-mates are good, I find myself very good over here. I have one more year, so in the end, I decided to stay. It is my choice because, first of all, nobody tells me what to do, I do what I want and I do what I feel is right. Always respecting everyone, but the final decision in my career is always mine.”

He then added that Patrick Vieira was a big part into the reason he stayed with the club. While he said on the chance to move to China “I had a big offer of money from China, very big. I said no. Not for now. I love to play football and I think that my objective is that these two years are very important, because I want to play in the European Championships with my national team. If I go to China, that would be difficult. That’s also why I, not refuse, but prefer to wait to go to China. Because I love to play football. Money… will come later.”

This then very much leaves the door open for a move to the CSL and we might still one day see the talented forward in the Far East. 

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