Taiwan’s new goalkeeper coach

Dean Thornton is Taiwan’s new keeper coach, but who is he?

Dean Thornton is an English goalkeeping coach who has worked for Queens Park Rangers (QPR) and Swindon Town.  At QPR he was head Academy Goalkeeper Coach where he worked for 9 years, and at Swindon Town, he was the First Team Goalkeeper Coach and worked at Swindon Town for 2 years. 

QPR are currently playing in the English Championship which is the second tier on the English Football pyramid. However, as Thronton has worked there for 9 years that means he would have been working at the club during the time they played in the Premier League. 

Swindon Town is currently in League Two, which is the fourth tier on the English football pyramid. Swindon Town Football Club is a professional football club in Swindon, Wiltshire, England. The club has played one season of Premier League football in their history.

Thornton to take goalkeeper role immediately 

Thornton announced that he will leave his role at Swindon Town to take up the vacancy at the Taiwan national team, he thanked the fans, his colleagues and the usual stuff people say when leaving a club. He will be in his position to help Taiwan prepare for the Asian Games.

The last English keeper coach David Rouse did an excellent job in pushing Taiwanese goalkeepers forward, especially the insistence on getting Pan involved with the national team. Big Davey Rouse was well liked, so Thornton has some big shoes to step into when he gets to work on the island. 

One thing though, he will soon realise that the current heatwave in the U.K is nothing compared to the wall of heat he is going to experience in Taiwan. Like most people from Western Europe, that is going to take some getting used to. 

What can he bring to the Taiwan national team?

To get any coaching job at an English professional club you have to be very good at what you do, and very well thought of. You wouldn’t be able to work at two well-known clubs like QPR and Swindon Town for a combined 11 years without being a good coach.

He has nine years of experience of working in the academy developing youth prospects and has had 2 years experience as a first-team coach. That means he sounds like an ideal candidate to take a role as a national team coach of Taiwan.

The reason for that is because someone who has a mix of working with youth, and senior players is exactly what is needed for someone to be able to work as a coach of Taiwan’s national team. That is because even those players with a lot of playing experience for the national team still lack the same ‘football’ upbringing we do in Europe, and at times that can be seen during Taiwan games, but is something that has been improving a lot with more game knowledge being hammered into the Taiwanese players through improved coaching. That is why Thornton sounds like an ideal replacement for big Davey Rouse.

Which keepers has he worked with?

Some goalkeepers Thornton has worked with have gone on to the very top level, this bodes well for Taiwanese goalkeepers and will likely help to keep them improving well into the future. 

The goalkeepers Thronton has worked with according to his linked are Rob Green, Julio Cesar, Alex Mccarthy, Radek Cerny, Paddy Kenny, Joe Lumley, Alex Smithies, and Matt Ingram.

This is another good appointment by the CTFA who have no doubt been aided in getting him here by Gary White and the English contingent of coaches already working here.

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