South Korea won't press charges against the egg chuckers

On South Korea's return home after the Russia World Cup, they were met by some angry fans who threw eggs at them. It has now been revealed that these fans will not have charges brought against them. 

The anger from the fans seems a little unfair also at the Koreans ended the World Cup with a 2-0 victory over the current World champions Germany. Although they did lose their first two games against Sweden and Mexico while there were many critics of Shin Tae-Yong's tactics in the opening matches. 

The egg thrown incident took place at Incheon International Airport on the sides return from the World Cup on the 29th June.

This like it will put an end to the matter as a spokesperson for the airport police said “We first checked the KFA’s intention whether it wants to punish the offenders before we launch our investigation. Throwing eggs is considered assault, but it’s also an offence which can’t be prosecuted without the victim’s objection.”

This, unfortunately, it not the first time this has happened the national side on their return from a World Cup as in 2014 after the Brazil World Cup side were pelted with toffees.

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