Son Heung-min signs new Tottenham contract

Son’s World Cup displays win him a new contract

Son Heung-min has signed a new Tottenham contract which will tie him to the club until 2030, this deal was offered to Son after his fine displays at the World Cup finals. Son was influential during South Koreas wonderful victory over Germany in their final group match. 

Even though South Korea disappointed during the first two group games, Son remained a threat throughout both games even if he was told to charge at the goal from right back. He always remained an outlet and available for the pass. He was clearly a standout player during South Korea’s games, and Spurs have obviously been paying attention to this by plonking a new contract on his desk and saying – sign, sign, sign! 

It’s smart to get a new contract before the Asian Games begins

Son is soon due to undertake his military service which is required by law for all South Korean citizens. This means he will be expected to return to South Korea to play for the army team Sangju Sangmu in the K-League. While he is playing in the K-League he would receive military training to fulfil the requirement expected during the conscription. No adult male in South Korea is exempt from this regardless of how famous they are. 

There is, however, one-way professional footballers can get an exemption and that is by exceptional sporting achievements which bring honour to the country. The last chance for Son to win an exception is fast approaching, the 2018 Asian Games which will be held in Jakarta. If South Korea manage to win this competition then the squad will be exempt from military service for winning gold and by Spurs ageing to release Son for this they will have the best forward in the competition so will stand a chance. 

However, if they do not win the Asian Games then he will have to fulfil his military service requirements and Spurs will lose him for close to two full seasons. So he is smart to get a new contract signed before the Asian Games begin. 

Son will be available for the first Premier League game against Newcastle

It was thought that Son wouldn’t be available for the first Premier League game of the season against Newcastle United but that doesn’t seem to be the case. There were reports the other day that the South Korean U23 manager doesn’t know when Son will be released.

The reason South Korea cannot demand a date for Son to be released is that the Asian Games falls outside of the FIFA international football window and that means the clubs can agree or disagree when to release their players. 

The game against Newcastle will be the only one at the start of the season that Son should take part in if Spurs are willing to release him for the start of the Asian Games. Son will get a chance to meet up with his good friend Ki before flying out to Indonesia.

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