Newcastle United fans react to Ki Sung-yueng signing

Newcastle confirmed the signing of South Korea's captain yesterday, and we have took a quick browse through some reaction from one of the top Newcastle fan forums - Newcastle-Online. 

As can be seen from the reaction of Newcastle fans they are in the main happy with the signing of Ki. Mike Ashley comes in for criticism for not getting his money out and splashing the cash, but that has become reality and NUFC fans are now used to signing players at bargain bucket prices.

A lot will be sad to see Mikel Merino to leave, but that is down to Merino seemingly wanting out and not being willing to fight for his place in the team. Most fans see Ki as a suitable replacement for Merino, while a lot have pointed out Ki had his best season in the Premier League while playing together with Jonjo Shelvey at Swansea City. 

Read a sample of some Newcastle fans reactions below:

Toontownman - Got some cracking shelvey type passes in him and like that he has played with jonjo before.

Kanji - Ki knows playing for Rafa is where it’s at.

Ryan - Good signing. Be a shame to lose Merino but least we've got a ready made replacement already in.

Kimbo - You've got to question the ambition of a player that turns down West Ham.

TRon - At least we know it's a Rafa signing, free transfer or not. He seems happy enough about it.

xLiaaamx - It's worth noting for those who think he can't be played with Shelvey that he has before and 12 months ago Diame was seen as lacking the defensive ability to play with Shelvey as well.I think he'll be fine. It's a shame Merino has to go really as I think he could play with him as well. I'd rather see the back of Hayden but I suppose Isaac won't make a fuss about being 4th choice like Merino would.

Sean - Decent signing for a free, always looked pretty decent when Ive seen him (not often mind). I'm sure with the right players around him and with Rafa guiding him we can see the best from him.Sad that it probably means Merino is off, although it does seem like he never really settled if reports of him asking to leave in Jan are true. He's going to be some player in the next few years, sad that we're probably not gonna get to see his progression though.

STM - Well Rafa turned Diame into Viera, so he's got a chance of making a decent player out of Ki.

Sadnessstan - I haven't seen enough of him, so I'm going off what people are saying here. Sounds like a shrewd bit of business. There is certainly no reason to be unhappy with this signing. Looking forward to seeing him.To be honest I don't particularly care if every signing is a free transfer, as long as they improve us overall.

Mr Logic - Lots of Ki/Shelvey hugs here..(YT) Ki Sung Yueng - Swansea Player of the Year. F*ck you laudrup!Read two more articles suggesting Ki and Shelvey had a good understanding with each other, and Shelveys departure from Swansea certainly coincided with a decline in Ki's effectiveness.Reading into everything it seems to me he grew disillusioned with Swansea. Playing well again as soon as he went out on loan to Sunderland.He'll be a good squad player and perhaps more pivotal than that.

Wallsendmag - Will open up more awareness of Sports Direct to the Asian market if nowt else.

Oldtype - Club won't see a massive uptick in shirt sales in Korea, and neither will Sports Direct. Sick and tired of this silly stereotype.

Eaststar - As an Aussie Korean who has been following Newcastle since the mid 90s, this is a dream come true. My favorite Korean player playing for Newcastle. I have followed ki throughout his career and I could write an essay. But I just need an outlet to say I am so farken happy. I’m now living in korea and woke up due to a mosquito. I check the news and now this. I can’t get back to sleep. Also so happy that I will be able to watch all Newcastle games on tv...and be able to buy kits and other stuff without ordering it from overseas. this is just Unreal. korea beating Germany and now this...Christmas has come early!

George Bailey - Cheap as chips and will be a competent squad signing, Great. Ashley is really delivering the goods.

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