National side in the CSL

The Chinese Super League (CSL) as all the potential to be a top league that is viewed around the world. While furthermore, they have all the money and sponsorship any league could wish for. 

However, the people in charge of football in China seem to be hell-bent on ruining any good work that has been done to the game in the country. This comes as it was announced in the week that the General Administration of Sport of China is urging the Chinese FA to establish a China National side to be an independent team that participates in the CSL from 2019. 

This sounds like a very silly idea am sure to anyone reading this but unfortunately, there is a very good chance this will get the green light. This is down to the people in charge of such decisions in China not understanding football. 

Surprisingly this is not the first time such an idea has been put forward. As last season China Under 20's side planned to play in the Regionalliga Sudwest (fourth tier of the German football). 

Albeit in the end after one friendly which ended with the Chinese side walking off the pitch after Tibet flags where unveiled the plan did not materialise. 

You will hope that the people in charge of decision making at the CSL will realise their ridiculous idea and ship it also. Although I will not be holding my breath as when it comes to football in China anything is possible. 

The General Administration of Sport of China has also already laid out their plan for how this would work too. When you read this you will think the idea is even crazier than it was at first glance. 

So here are the four-point plan thanks to the South China Morning Post;

1. There will be two China teams in the league: Team A and Team B.

2. Other clubs will not be allowed to use foreign players when playing these national teams.

3. The A and B teams will be updated every five rounds. Clubs who have players called up will be rewarded a point for each player up to six per round.

4. It could happen as soon as 2019. And there will be no promotion or relegation for that season.

I will leave that there for you to have a think about and click the link to see just what the journalist Jonathan White thinks of it.  

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