Chinese Super League will be on FIFA 19

The addition of the Chinese Super League has FIFA fans excited 

A tweet from Playstation has revealed that the Chinese Super League has been included on FIFA 19, which has got fans of the game rather excited. The reason for their excitement (other than fans of Chinese football) is not to play as a Chinese team, but because they can now buy the likes of Hulk, Oscar and Cedric Bambaku for their Fifa teams again. 

Apparently, Fifa players have been asking for a long time to get the Chinese Super League put into the game, and now they have got their wish. 

They’ll be TOTS 

I haven’t played Fifa for years myself, not since my school days and I seem to have missed out the generation where the language they talk is text message so I had to ask a friend what the hell Reddit was going on about with the whole TOTS thing. It turns out TOTS means the team of the season for Fifa ultimate team, now saying they’ll be a team of the season I understand, but TOTS?

Moving on past that nonsense, then it becomes clearer why. The foreign players who have transferred to China will likely be in the team of the season, whereas if they had still been playing in a European league it is unlikely that those players would make a team of the season.

If more people are going to play Fifa in China this move will help

China most likely has loads of people already playing Fifa, people who like footy and play games will probably already own Fifa, so how do you expand the market where a large number of people already play your game? Well adding the local league surely helps with that.

Chinese football fans will rightly be excited by this news because now they get the choice to play as their heroes they watch week in and week out. EA will see this as a brilliant chance to expand into a market where football is on verge of becoming huge and EA want in on it.

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