Asian Games re-draw finalised

The re-draw finally took place

The Asian Games re-draw for the football finally took place, with the Asian Olympic committee deciding not to have a full re-draw, instead, they just drew the two teams they forgot about into the previously drawn groups. 

It made more sense to do it this way other than having a full re-draw because the start of the Asian Games is only a couple of weeks away, and a full re-draw would have been a complete shambles considering teams have started to prepare for the opponents they will be facing in the competition. 

The two forgotten teams

The reason for the re-draw was because somehow UAE and Palestine were omitted from the original draw. Both countries insisting they had enlisted their sides into the tournament; which they obviously had otherwise there wouldn’t have been a re-draw.

So both the UAE and Palestine now needed to be added to the competition, and the delay in receiving the news of how the new groups looked, and where Palestine and the UAE would be plonked seemed to be down to the organizers arguing among themselves of how to fix their mess up.

Eventually, the news came out 

Eventually, and thankfully the news finally came out of what the hell was going on with the draw. After the news came out that there would be a re-draw it was near impossible to find any updates about it. 

Then there was some news that the re-draw would be broadcast live via the AFC YouTube page, but after sitting there watching nothing while waiting for the live draw, it became obvious that it wasn’t going to be taking place live on the AFC YouTube channel. With no news of what was happening a lot of people on forums and message boards were trying to figure out what was happening, will the teams still be in the same groups or different groups? 

Well that all became clear today, when out of nowhere…boom we have a new draw. Eventually, the organizers coming to the logical conclusion of drawing the two missing teams into one of the already made groups. 

Palestine got put into Taiwan and Hong Kong’s groups, which is good for both sides in my opinion. Regardless of results, it is better for both of these countries to play more competitive matches to aid the development. UAE got lobbed into South Korea’s group, and with South Korea calling up some big players they’ll have major ambitions to win this competition again. 

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