United Koreans in Japan draw all games at Conifa World Cup

United Koreans in Japan are currently competing at the Paddy Power Conifa World Football Cup taking place across London at the moment. United Koreans in Japan are a combined team of North and South Koreans who are living in Japan and are unable to compete at a higher level in the league system due to AFC (Asian Football Confederation) rules which only allow teams to consist of 4 foreign players, and the rest must be homegrown. Therefore the United Koreans in Japan joined Conifa to test themselves against different opposition and as they’re a marginalized minority in Japan they aren’t out of place in Conifa.

So far the joint Korean team from Japan are the only team involved the competition to not win or lose a game, having drawn their first 3 group games. First up they drew 0-0 with Western Armenia, then again drew 0-0 Kabylia, and in the final group game, they scored a last-minute equaliser to secure a 1-1 draw against Panjab. This meant the joint South and North Korean side ended the group with 3 points, which wasn’t enough to see them in knockout half of the draw, so now they will play in the losing side called the placement rounds.

They have been matched up against Tuvalu in the placement rounds with the match taking place on the 5th June in Largess Lane, Bracknell, and the Koreans should manage to get their first win in this game as Tuvalu have lost pretty badly in each game. The reward awaiting the United Koreans in Japan if they manage to win this game will be a tie against last World Football Cup champions Abkhazia or Tamil Eelam.

United Koreans in Japan should make easy work of getting past Tuvalu, but then it will be unlikely that they will progress any further in the competition after that. They, however, might just be the only team who could manage to go the whole tournament unbeaten in open play the way things have been going for them.

United Koreans in Japan are the only East Asian team taking part in this competition but we have been paying close attention to the other Asian side in the tournament – Tibet and have been wishing them well. Good luck to both the Asian sides for the rest of the tournament as both try to now navigate the placement rounds.

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