Tibet’s involvement in CONIFA World Football Cup has angered China, which was to be expected

Tibets involvement in the Conifa World Football Cup has rubbed China’s nose the wrong way, this was to be expected as anything that happens in the world now that China doesn’t agree with makes them believe that they can kick off and throw their weight about.

Conifa claimed they had a load of sponsors lined up for the tournament but the only ones who had the huge knackers to not be bothered about pressure from China was Irish betting company Paddy Power. It’s quite sad that low key world events are affected by China as they try to push China’s rules and ideology onto other sovereign countries through applying different mechanisms of pressure.

The main weapon used by China seems to be the threat of not allowing the country which has committed the perceived outrage from doing business in China, or trading with China or something else. With this threat being put onto countries or companies it is understandable that they cave in so easily with the amount of potential profit which could be lost from being given the boot from China.

The Conifa World Football Cup doesn’t have anywhere near the amount of exposure that the FIFA World Cup does but then neither do other obscure events such as the country name on a plastic bag, making airlines change what they list as a destination name, the Harvard model show (or whatever it was called), and six…yes six fans holding Tibetan flags in Germany are all things off the top of my head which have sent China into a rage recently.

I actually don’t believe all Chinese people are in a rage about these things just because someone in the government or news are stomping their feet about, but they stomp and stomp and stomp that they make it into a huge issues where it really isn’t.

So Paddy Power stuck to their guns and didn’t back down under pressure from China in the demands for Tibet to booted out of the competition. It’s all a bit sad when you think about it, none of the players representing Tibet have been able to travel from Tibet because one, there is no way China would let them out for the reason of representing Tibet on the world stage, and if any did smuggle themselves out they would never be allowed to return.

For those reasons the Tibetan national team is made up of the Tibetan diaspora, which is mainly based around the mountain regions of India and Nepal, but some of them have come from other countries too and with all the difficulties they have faced getting their team to the competition it’s no wonder they have struggled to win a game. Just getting there should be a success, putting a team out should be a success. The Tibet national team met and trained for the first time one week before the tournament started, and that is all down to the difficulties of putting a team together due to China.

China is never going to change and suddenly accept other parts of ‘China’ are suddenly not theirs though so it will be this way for the rest of my living existence. And I obviously expect to hear other such nonsense of China being angry or trying to block minor obscure events in the future, but that doesn’t mean every Chinese person thinks like this, or even believes it…some sound indoctrinated and others are possibly just paying lip service. The morale of the story here is, Tibet even playing at the Conifa World Football Cup is a major success on their behalf and China will continue to be annoyed at things of insignificance until the day I’m dead.

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