South Korea World Cup betting odds

The World Cup is just around the corner now, and we have decided to have a look at some of the current betting odds for the two East Asian sides involved in the tournament. First off we will start with looking at South Korea’s current odds as of June 11th 2018. Admittedly I don’t have enough time to check all the different betting sites to see who has the best offers or odds for each bet, and also I know there are a lot of betting comparison sites, but I am just going to check Paddy Power mainly because they have great crack on Twitter.

South Korea to win the World Cup – 500/1

If you fancy South Korea to pull off a Leicester styled shock and become the eventual winners of the 2018 World Cup then the bookies have rightly plonked them as no hopers. For what it’s worth I reckon 500/1 isn’t even good enough odds. You might as well go and throw your money down the toilet.

Those words were also likely said to the blokes who put money on Leicester to win the league the year they did it. If your rocking to the bookies to chuck a load of cash or even a tiny smidgen of cash on the Son Heung-min Korean massive then it is most likely without a doubt you’re a massive South Korean fan and are gambling no more than five quid at most. Your potential winnings will be huge, but the likelihood of it actually becoming a reality is zero. So if you would like to bet on South Korea winning the World Cup go ahead and throw your cash down the bog. If you do bet on them to win, and they do actually win you’re more than welcome to spam me for the rest of eternity saying I won 2,505,00 quid for my £5.

Son Heung-min to be top goal scorer – 125/1

Another bet that is unlikely to become golden, or even have people rushing out to the bookies to make, Spurs excellent attacking player Son is brilliant but South Korea is most likely going to be on the back foot in most of their matches, especially when they have to come up against Germany, Sweden and Mexico.

If you fancy looking for an outsider, or a surprise option I am sure there are better than Son, but he has said in the media that he is desperate to lead Korea to glory. Maybe he rocks up with fire in his boots and single-handedly hammers in goal after goal. Is it possible, I don’t think so; Korea will score but they will be nowhere near the top scorers in the tournament as a team never mind having a single player lead the whole competition. 

South Korea to reach the quarterfinals – 20/1

South Korea to reach the quarterfinals at 20/1 is an ok price I reckon, I mean realistically it will be very tough for them to get to the quarters, but if they get a good result against Sweden in the first game it would increase their confidence.

After that if they can get some kind of a result against Mexico then 4 points could possibly get them through depending on other results. Still there will be better value than picking South Korea without a doubt just because the group is pretty damn rock. If it was a bit easier you would be more confident of backing South Korea’s attacking talent making the impact they were expected to before the draw was made.

If they didn’t get a difficult draw though the price would be worse for it, so it’s a bit catch 22 really, every year there is a surprise team it just depends if you think Korea can be that team or not.

South Korea to get a Semi on – 60/1

If this happens then South Korea will have performed some kind of minor miracle to get to the Semi Final, considering their group their odds should be even higher. I can’t see South Korea getting out of the group if I am being honest, but they do have an outside chance.

As I said previously a lot depends on that first game against Sweden, lose to the Swedes and its likely goodnight Vienna for the Korean side. 60/1 is a good price, but we all know things get priced like this for a reason because the chance is low. Bookies don’t dish out 60/1 odds for no reason at all, and if anyone puts this on and wins you should start playing the lottery.

South Korea to reach the final – 300/1

If South Korea get to the World Cup final then they would not only be the first ever Asian team to do so, it would also be entered into the world of absolute fantasy equal to Leicester winning the league and Greece winning the Euros.

It’s not going to happen…but everyone has said that in the past. They said Leicester would run out of steam and not win the league, they said Greece would play a difficult team and not win the Euros, every now and then something mental happens, the world loses the plot and a team who normally would be nowhere near winning things like the Premier League, the Euros or the World Cup do win them, but it only happens once in a blue moon.

Greece feels like donkeys ago, and Leicester was recently so the football gods will ensure one of the big boys gets their hands on the World Cup because order needs to be kept. Remember that, the football gods are watching, the order needs to be kept!

South Korea to be the highest scoring team – 500/1

South Korea is currently producing some exciting attacking talents that may or may not be known to European based fans. It is likely the players based at European clubs will be known by some. However, there has been a lot of injuries in the South Korean camp and even before the injuries they were unlikely to end the tournament as top scorers.

The chances are this happening at all are again zero. Waste your money if you like but you won’t be winning anything, the odds are 500/1 for a reason.

South Korea to be the lowest scoring team – 10/1

It doesn’t make me feel good saying this but this could prove to the best outside bet involving South Korea at the World Cup. It has nothing to do with Korea’s attacking options being bad and everything to do with the group they’ve been drawn in.

Saudi Arabia is outright favourites to claim this booby prize, but they have a much easier group than Korea. There’s so much hinging on that game against Sweden if Korea can beat Sweden all will be rosy in the camp.

However, if they’re having to go into the game against Mexico desperate to win, then they could come unstuck because Mexico will have some quality attacking options. Mexico will find it easier to exploit spaces in Korea’s extremely shaky defence as Korea go searching for the winning goals they so desperately need in a theoretical situation where they have already lost to Sweden.

And then it is very unlikely to see Germany giving anything away to South Korea, so this bet has some potential I reckon.

South Korea to be the Group F Winner – 20/1

South Korea doesn’t really have any chance of winning the group especially as they have been drawn against World Champions Germany, who I believe will go on to win this tournament. It would take Germany to implode and South Korea to play like men possessed for them to come out on top of the group.

South Korea to qualify from Group F – 9/2

The odds on this are OK, and it could possibly happen, all hinges on the results from the game with Sweden and Mexico. South Korea are going into those games as underdogs still but not by a lot. They could easily come out of both games with victories or draws.

However, if you think South Korea is going to qualify from the group you might as well plonk the money on them coming second because the odds are better for predicting exactly what the position they’ll finish in and Germany will have top spot tied up after two matches anyway.

South Korea to finish third – 12/5

The odds aren’t good for this because the possibility of it actually happening is quite high, for example if they beat Sweden in the first game then chances are Sweden would probably end up bottom of the group. That’s my prediction anyway.

South Korea to finish bottom – 4/6

South Korea is rated as favourites to end up the bottom of the group, and the reasoning for this is sound common sense. Mexico is good, Sweden are organised and very good defensively and Germany are well, Germany.

So it comes as no surprise South Korea are favourites to finish bottom of the group.

South Korea to beat Sweden – 3/1

I personally think this is South Korea’s best chance to get a win at the finals, the price is very good for a single. Sweden is good defensively and Korea has some fast attacking talent.

It will be a close game, but I might even take this bet myself which means my prediction is most likely going to be incorrect.

South Korea to beat Mexico – 4/5

Ok so I am not great at reading certain odds, but if I am correct then Paddy Power seem to believe South Korea has the best chance of beating Mexico and not Sweden. They are the experts and as the saying goes the bookie never loses. I can see South Korea struggling big time against Mexico and I reckon the best result would be a draw for Korea while hoping other results go their way and that 4pts will be enough to get them through.

South Korea to beat Germany – 9/1

This is 9/1 for a reason, Germany will win. If you don’t think so 9/1 to is good money for a single. You have to be San Marino to get worse, what 9/1 means is that Germany will win 99% of the time. If that 1% happens then, bing, bang, bong, bingo you’re in the money.

So there you have it, a round-up of Paddy Powers bets involving South Korea and my thoughts about splurging on Korea down the bookies. Putting it bluntly I won’t be putting my house on Korea or the Mrs. will be angry when she finds out our new home is the park.

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