South Korea played Senegal - It was meant to be a secret

South Korea lost to Senegal in a match in Austria that was meant to be a secret. 

South Korea's last warm-up match ended in defeat as they lost 2-0 to Senegal. This match was played behind closed doors, however, details of the game have been leaked. 

This game took place on the 11th June in Grodick, Austria as a final warm-up for the World Cup for both nations. As Shin Tae-Yong side looked to build team confidence but again his side suffered the disappointment of defeat. 

The details of this match should have been kept strictly confidential. The thinking behind this was so that South Korea didn't expose any tactics just before the World Cup.

Senegal also agreed to this as the South Korea coach said: "We have information that Sweden will be in contact with Senegal and take the video" he said. Arguing this is slight paranoia on the part of Shin Tae-Yong would be hard to no to agree with. 

However much they wanted to keep this behind closed doors, though, this did not happen as the English paper the Daily Mirror provided updates to the match on their website. 

Due to this then we have some information on the game and can confirm the match ended 2-0 to Senegal with Kim Young-Gwon scoring an own-goal on the 67th minute. That goal was then followed by a Moussa Konaté penalty on in the 91st minute. 

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