Son Heung-min not going blonde

In some light-hearted news to come out of the South Korean camp Son Heung-min is to keep his hair natural.

As seen by many sports stars Son died his hair blonde to stand out during the World Cup in Brazil. Although this time he is keeping it natural as he looks to live up to the expectations. 

The blonde did work for Son however in Brazil as he was one of only a handful of players who played in Brazil for the Koreans who left with any credibility.  

This was seen as he got his move to England and Tottenham Hotspur in 2015. This has since provided him with the stage to showcase his talent and this season has been his best yet with the London club. 

As Son was quoted as saying "I feel great when people say good things about me," Yonhap News quoted Son as saying after a training session on Wednesday. "But what's important is that I have to show it on the pitch. I know lots of people's expectations are on me, so I also feel responsible."

While he then talked about his countries hopes in Russia, he remained very coy about his countries chances. As he went on to get straight to the point by saying "I think we're the weakest team in our group".

However, seems confident in his own ability and explained he did not need his hair to what stands out this time Russia. As he said "Four years ago, I just thought I needed something to be more stylish, so I dyed my hair. But now, as a football player, I think that I need to make my name with my performance."

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