Copa90 expands into China

Copa 90 have suddenly realised what I did a long time back, that the Asian football market is one of the few left in the world of football that still has the potential to still see a massive peak in interest. Even though most Asian countries football level and league structures outside of the top 6 or so could be classed as developing at best, or basic at worst most of the population throughout Asia either love football or have enough of a passing interest in the sport.

If you haven’t heard of Copa90 they’re the company who make some sexy youtube videos all based around footy culture, the best stuff they produce normally has hyperbole hipster Eli in. Eli’s vids are by far the best Copa90 do, they’re not clickbait and generally have great info in them even if everything is the bestest of the best like Men in Black. If you haven’t heard of or watched Copa90 vids make sure you start with Eli’s content because it’s top bananas.

The rest of their stuff is grade A clickbait bollocks, which Chinese fans like most fans around the world will no doubt lap up, like lists of players who played in x amount of world cup games or something daft like that and even though I can speak Chinese, I don’t really think Fifa and Chill with Poet and Vuj would go down well in Chinese. Not that we need to worry about that though, because the lads at Copa90 don’t need to worry about swatting up on their mandarin because they have agreed a deal with a Chinese based agency called Mailman to localise the Copa90 content for a Chinese based audience.

What this will entail, is that content will be produced in Mandarin and be targeting Chinese social media platforms such as Weibo and the likes. Copa90 should be hoping it won’t be anything like Copa90US which is absolutely tragic mind. In fact I am looking forward to seeing how the content turns out, and what they think will and won’t work in the Chinese market. It had to happen sooner or later because there are only so many times you can say, “this derby is the best derby ever in the world”.

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