South Korea’s players get their own rooms at World Cup

South Korea’s players will be given their own room for their entire stay throughout the World Cup in Russia. The news which was published by Korea’s Yonhap news stated that South Korea’s national team’s players have normally shared rooms, but as the hotel in St. Petersburg offered enough singles they thought they’d give it a whirl.

It will be interesting to know if this will have any effect on their performances in the finals, but it’s unlikely there is any way to quantify how much benefit comes from the players having a room each. It could even have the possibility to have a negative effect if the players have enjoyed sharing in the past.

All players and staff have got the same size room, with only manager Shin Tae-yong having a larger room. I guess that’s down to being the boss, but also for all the planning he needs to be cracking on with. If the big room with no roommates helps him mastermind a way through their difficult group then I’m sure the powers that be in Seoul will be happy to give him any size room he desires.

As all the players have their own room, it got me wondering which players will be the ones who find it difficult to wake up, and which players will be up at the crack of dawn knocking on doors. The likes of Son-Heung-min up at 6 am in his undercrackers frantically banging on the door getting the mighty Chung Yong-lee up because the bus is waiting. Unfortunately, I doubt this is actually a reality and I am sure South Korea is well drilled and organized, but the thought popped into my head and amused me.

So we wait and see if these ‘benefits’ can give South Korea that extra push they will definitely be needing to do well at the finals.

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