South Korea will be hoping to avoid a repeat of toffeegate

South Korea will be hoping their performances at this World Cup surpass the poor showing at the previous World Cup in Brazil 4 years ago. If one of the reasons is just to avoid another toffeegate – with the returning 2010 Korean squad being pelted with toffees; then that’s a good enough reason for me, because who wants to be pelted with toffees?

South Korea have been grouped were grouped with Russia, Belgium and Algeria last time around and after seeing the group they’d be handed then expectations were raised that there was a high possibility that they would qualify for the second round. Apart from a Belgian side packed with exceptional talent but at this point in time they were still learning how to play together as a team, South Korea had to face a dull ageing Russian side and an unknown quantity in Algeria but looking at the Algerian squad their team was filled with average players. The big problem that wasn’t factored into the expectations is that Korea, Russia and Algeria were probably at an equal level entering that competition.

In Korea’s opening game they played out a dull 1-1 draw against Russia, but in the next match Korea was taken to the cleaners by a more determined Algerian side and lost 4-2. This meant that Korea really had to win the last match against a quality Belgium side to stand any chance of getting out of the group. Korea was more competitive in this game as the reality of the situation had likely sunk in, with the score tied at 0-0 heading towards the 80th minute, Vertonghen scored in the 78th minute to emphatically confirm that Korea will indeed be heading home.

When they arrived back in Korea, the KFA (Korean Football Association) had prepared a promotional photo shoot for the team on their return to the country. As photographers and press gathered around the players, suddenly someone started throwing toffees at the players. The news at the time claims they were pelted, but if you watch the video it looked more like they were showered in toffees because if they had have been pelted that would imply force and precision were involved in the actions and they were not.

As for the toffee throwers technique, I would say it needs a bit of work to be ready and improved for the 2018 version of toffeegate if he is needed. Start your training now and work on your aim and power and you will be back in business in no time. The good news for Korea is that it is unlikely to come to that this time around.

The reason it happened last time was that expectations raised due to the draw, this time one can easily say expectations have probably been lowered, and extremely lowered at that because of the draw. Paired with Germany, Mexico and Sweden it is going to be one tough task for South Korea to get out of that group, they will need all their top players playing out of their skin if friendly results are anything to go by – which they normally aren’t. So regardless of Korea’s results, it is likely they will avoid a repeat of toffeegate even if they do perform poorly.

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