Now TV shafting Hong Kong World Cup fans

Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post published an article detailing how Now TV are shafting World Cup fans. Now TV is a subscription TV channel that charges customers HK$238 a month for their sports package. Sports fans are forced to sign up for a two year contract with penalty fees incurred if they want to cancel early.

Therefore you would think that Hong Kong football fans would be able to watch the World Cup on this channel, well think again. Someone making the decisions at Now TV has decided that their customers who are already paying subscription fees have to pay again for again to watch the World Cup.

They are advertising an early bird package which will cost their customers that already have a subscription another HK$280 for all the World Cup matches. The shafting doesn’t end there mind, you already have the sports package, you’ve paid the extra for the World Cup games but you also have to subscribe to other Now TV plans worth over HK$100. If you’re a new customer the total cost works out as HK$880 for the World Cup package.

Fans can still watch 19 games for free on Viu TV but this still requires a Now TV subscription, included in the free games will be the opening game between Russia and Saudi Arabia as well as the final. Sadly pay-per-view packages like this one are becoming more common place, but we hope the practice of shafting subscribers in a way equivalent to Now TV does not spread to other countries in the region and around the world.

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