Hwang Hee-chan on his way to England

Hwang Hee-Chan the 22-year-old Korean with 11 caps for his country could be on his way to England.

Hwang currently plays his trade in the Austrian Bundesliga with Red Bull Salzburg. However, it looks like Tottenham already with Korean star Son is looking to add a second Korean to their squad.

News of this appeared in Korea this month as there are clearly high hopes for the player. It is thought that Tottenham has sent scouts to look at Hwang Hee-chan as a source said at the time"He is the main player in Salzburg's side."

As the news broke that the player could be on his way to England the Evening Standard even explained more about the player. You can check out the link to see more about the young star who will hopefully be helping his country to success in Russia this summer.

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