Hellas Verona player to sue commentators

Korean player Lee Seung-woo has decided that he will sue commentators in Italy for saying on live TV that he loves eating dog rolls, which can often be heard said as a derogatory stereotype about Asian people from China or Korea. The remarks were reportedly said after the young winger scored his debut goal against Italian powerhouses AC Milan.

As far as others have said, and what I could find online Lee Seung-woo is the first player to make a stand against these awful remarks, and we say good on him for it.

He said, “The commentators have harmed my honour and my image as a professional footballer, it was a sneaky, vulgar attack motivated not by my football performance, but by my belonging to a specific ethnic group. It’s extremely denigrating and humiliating to me and to those in my native country, my people and my land.”

Maybe commentators will eventually realise that remarks of this nature have no place being said on live TV to a captive audience. While we have no doubt that another commentator will drop themselves in it in the future also, if it stems from their racism, or ignorance is irrelevant there is no place in football anymore for these kinds of people, it isn’t the 80’s anymore.

Lee Seung-woo is currently in South Korea’s provisional World Cup squad and is preparing for their warm-up game against Honduras, which will take place on Monday at Daegu Stadium in Daegu.

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