Ex Japan manager Halilhodzic sues the JFA - for one yen

Vahid Halilhodzic, the Bosnian coach who successfully got Japan to the World Cup finals has filed legal claims against the JFA for 1 yen compensation, claiming damage to his reputation and honour. The sacking prompted a backlash from his legal team who declared his sacking to be a case of unfair dismissal.

What he is really seeking is an apology from the JFA, it’s clearly not about the money if he is only demanding one yen (US$0.0091) compensation. He not only wants an apology he also demands an answer as to why he was sacked two months before the start of the World Cup, and an explanation may be a lot harder to get than an apology. An apology can be hollow and easy to give, but an honest reason for why is not so easy.

Halilhodzic and his legal team have claimed that JFA president Tashima has acted in violation of the JFA’s governance and rules which have left Halilhodzic angry. This is because the reason given for his dismissal was a breakdown in communication with senior players. Keisuke Honda has recently come out in the media in Japan to back up this claim about Halilhodzic, but not many others have expressed the same opinion to the media; with claims being made that Keisuke Honda and Shinji Kagawa were the main protagonists behind the Bosnians sacking.

With everything going on about the legal proceedings, and with the saga consistently being in the news for the past month, it could lead to a derailing of Japan’s World Cup campaign. With Japan being in a group where they could really get to the last 16 then this could prove to all end in disaster, or Kagawa and Honda could play out of their skin and prove that they have been right to rid Japan of Halilhodzic.

We will find out who will be proven to be correct in a few weeks time, but the JFA may be willing to say sorry and pay Halilhodzic one yen; receiving honest reasons as to why he got the boot will be a lot more difficult to come by however and the saga is likely to drag on after the World Cup has finished.

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