Diego Tardelli - China as good as European Leagues

In an interview this week, Diego Tardelli, the Shandong Luneng striker, claimed that 'the quality of the Chinese Super League (CSL) is now close to the European level'. During the same interview, he claimed that he was dreaming of playing at the World Cup with Brazil this summer also.

The idea that the CSL is improving to a level of the top leagues in Europe you would be right in thinking is a bit far-fetched. Just to put this into perspective most players in the China national side play in the CSL and as we saw in the recent China Cup the national side are far off competing against top European sides.

However, the league is improving this season and with live games being shown worldwide you can recognise the interest is growing also. Competing with top European sides, though, is still far off, bringing top talent to the league, will help and this season as already seen some highly entertaining matches.

Leading on to the chance of Tardelli heading to Russia this summer, I believe this is even further away from becoming a reality. With the 32-year-old having not been involved with the national team since October 2017 when he was an unused substitute as his side won 3-0 at home to Chile.

Along with this Brazil who has struggled in recent years for strikers, now don't seem to have this issue. As right now the striker competition for a place in the squad is fierce with Firmino, Gabriel Jesus and Neymar just a few of the players to compete for a place beside.

Although if the Brazilian is to stand any chance of heading to Russia he has to play at the very top of his game to convince the coach Tite. On this, he is doing very well having scored eight goals in as many games.


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