Taiwan Premier League kicks off, as the football association continues to push for more development

The Taiwan Premier League kicks off this season with all games taking place at Taipei Municipal Stadium. Last season’s champions Tatung will be looking to defend their title with the main challenge likely to come from Taipower. The season will again be played over three parts from this month and is scheduled to end in September.

Once the regular season is finished the teams will then go into a US-style play-off format which in an attempt to try and capitalise on using a sports format that Taiwanese fans are already accustomed to.  Teams finishing 1st and 2nd will then play each other to determine who will be the overall league champion, while 3rd plays 4th in the equivalent of a 3rd and 4th place play-off match a bronze medal match if you would. The league champions will then receive NT700,000 (£16,500) in prize money, while 2nd will receive NT200,000 (£4,800) and 3rd are to receive NT100,000 (£2,400).

The Chinese Taipei Football Association chairman Lin Yung-cheng was quoted as saying “for Taiwan soccer to progress to the next level, we need to upgrade the league with better and more comprehensive management. Our goal is to develop a fully professional soccer league while developing more talents at the grassroots level”. 

Opening matches are to be held at the Taipei Municipal Stadium tomorrow, with National Sports Training Center taking on Taiwan Sports University at 1 pm, Royal Blues to face FC Hang Yuen at 3 pm, the Lions to face Kaohsiung County Taipower FC at 5 pm and Tatung to face Tainan City at 7 pm.

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