Slavia Prague seals co-operation with Chinese capital city club

Slavia Prague one of the most famous and familiar names in Czech and European football have now just announced a strategic partnership with Beijing Guoan. The Prague club now owned by Chinese company CEFC. This is the reason for the club looking to break into the Chinese football market, this deal is understandable and beneficial for both clubs involved.

Slavia and their owners will be hoping they can find a way of breaking into market to claim their slice of the money pie that’s on offer, and Beijing Guoan will be looking to get coaches over from the Czech Republic to push enrollment and participation in their youth development programs or football schools, as well as pushing them to attend any other promotion events involved with the partnership.

For the Czech side it is a route into a market that may otherwise be tricky for them to break without the co-operation due to Czech football being relatively small in Europe regardless of how well known their name is, and for the Chinese side the opportunity to get foreign coaches to their schools and classes is great for them also, these are the key benefits to both clubs.

The blurb from both clubs says that the deal will cover both youth and professional football. So maybe we could see some Chinese players be sent out to Slavia on loan in an attempt to offer Chinese players a higher level playing experience and another route to development.

We will continue to see more clubs bash out these kinds of deals in the future, because of the perceived benefits to both clubs at either end of the bargain. Especially from mid to smaller tiered European leagues looking to break out into bigger financial markets. We will be keeping a close eye on this, especially if any Chinese players move to the Czech capital like we predict.

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