Perth Glory owner wants A-League expansion to include teams from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia

Perth Glory owner Tony Sage wants the Australian FA to jump onto the current football’s current trend – tournament expansion. A lot of tournaments have or are trying to expand at the moment and are thinking up new and creative ways to generate excuses for the reasons behind the expansion but often excuse the real reason behind it, which everyone knows is  money and money only.

The European Championships got the ball rolling when they expanded the last competition to have 32 teams at the finals, in my opinion the European Championships wasn’t as good as previous versions but it is hard to say if that was solely down to the expansion or the shoddy format they agreed on. The World Cup has agreed to expand after the Qatar World Cup and now Copa America are getting in on the act too. As the teams competing for Copa America are mainly from South America they really have had to be creative to come up with new ways, and the way they will expand further is by inviting 4 teams from Europe or Asia to play in the tournament. Rumuors circulated recently that China have rejected the chance to play in the Copa America which begs the question can the Copa America really be considered a South American competition if they expand and invite teams from other parts of the world?

Tony Sage has obviously seen the financial success of these tournaments from their expansion and therefore has made his suggestion to the A-League. He stated that the A-League should expand by inviting one team from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia because they are only a 7 hour flight away.  He suggests this would bring Australia and the rest of Asia closer together in an attempt to combat the accusations from the Asian football associations that Australian football doesn’t want to give anything back to Asian football and help it develop but is happy to play in the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) to suit its own benefits.

What Tony Sage is really saying (in my opinion) is by expanding with these teams we will make more money and by utilizing that Australia are now a part of the Asian confederation they should then fully utilize those markets for all the financial benefits they would bring as Indonesia, Singapore Hong Kong and Malaysia are some of the bigger football markets outside of the big four nations.

There was a big furore around the A-Leagues decision to not extend New Zealand’s Wellington Phoenix’s license. A license was finally granted but on worse conditions than the previous one they received. If they’re was and still remains fierce resistance to Wellington Phoenix participating in the A-League, then this proves that Tony Sage wanting to expand the A-League by adding Asian teams is money motivated, especially as the fierce resistance against the Phoenix was because other Australian teams want to play in the A-League.

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