Lee Man Football Club may be getting new sponsors from Taiwan

While listening to a slightly older version of the excellent Hong Kong football podcast Episode 75 - No Asian Cup. What now? The presenters of the show made a comment stating that Lee Man football club from Hong Kong is rumoured to have new sponsors from Taiwan. This is good news for Lee Man as they look for investment but if the rumour turns out to be true, this isn’t good news for Taiwan.

As the Taiwan Premier League kicked off its new season at the national stadium in Taipei this weekend. The national stadium witnessed crowds of around 200 or so people there to watch the new season get underway. Taiwan’s football association otherwise known as the CTFA are putting a lot of legwork and effort into promoting football on the island (some people will say it’s about time they did) but it's better late than never I guess. If businesses can’t be persuaded to put their money into the local league and would rather take their money to a foreign league. Then this would be a bitter pill to swallow for teams in Taiwan.

It can be extremely difficult in Taiwan to find any level of sponsorship, Hang Yuen are an oddity in the footballing world where they will sponsor a different team each season, what this means is they offer sponsorship to a different team every year. Apart from Hang Yuen, most other teams other than the expats get their funding from the team which their name is linked to.

If bosses of big corporations have decided they’d rather sponsor a foreign team from a country which is similar in size (their league is more advanced when it comes to football though) then this cannot be a good thing, especially at this crucial time. As the association is helping Taiwanese football as much as it can right now with the resources it has at its disposal.

It all depends if the rumour is true, and Lee Man’s new investment does indeed come from Taiwan. If it does could this set a precedent for company bosses interested in sponsoring foreign teams instead of helping their own?

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