Gary White has thrown his hat into the ring for the Ipswich Town job

News has emerged from East Anglia today that Taiwan’s English manager Gary White has thrown his hat into the ring for the Ipswich Town which is available after Mick McCarthy’s departure. Big ‘dour’ Mick seemed to have a mixed relationship with Ipswich Town’s fans with some respecting that he kept them functioning and in the second tier of English football on a shoestring budget while others have been annoyed by his dour football and outright gruff attitude.

An interview came out today in the East Anglian Daily times with Gary White saying he would love to follow in the footsteps of the mighty Sir Bobby and stating that his footballing philosophy would suit mirror that of Ipswich’s making them an ideal match. Add in the fact he has experience of working with countries with very limited resources would hold in good stead in regards to working with a club that currently has zero financial muscle.

Away from international football, he does have a good record with Shanghai Shenxin where he joined after the Chinese transfer window closed and managed to make them rise up the Chinese second division like a seventy-year-old bloke on an overdose of Viagra.

Shenxin is currently the only club team he has managed, but at international he has managed a host of world minnows and made every single one of them punch above their weight. People in England will say, “oh but that’s international level, it's different doing it at a club week in and week out!” I would argue being employed by a club that doesn’t have a pot to piss in, and managing an international team is pretty similar apart from a few things. At club level you get to work with the players on a weekly basis, you can still sign the odd player here and there that you’d like to even if the club doesn’t have much in the way of resources. At the international level, you have to work with what you have, you can’t go and buy or loan players to supplement what you already have.

Gary White has proved at every stage of his career so far that he can go into a job and improve what is already there. At each job he worked at the mentality used to be, ‘let’s not get a hammering’ and now it is ‘let’s give it a go’ or ‘we can do these!’ Unfortunately for Gary White, but fortunately for Taiwan; clubs in England are extremely introverted. Chairman of clubs or whoever else is in charge of employing managers won’t often look to employ any English manager working abroad, because they haven’t proven they can do it on a wet bloody Tuesday night in Stoke! No, they bloody haven’t, and until Taiwan rock up at the Bet 365 stadium and give Stoke a right old shoeing he has no chance. What the English media don’t get is most teams have been giving Stoke a right old shoeing this season.

It’s pretty much an open secret at this point that Gary White would love to be working back in England, and any team wise enough to give him a chance as well as time to develop his structures and methods would definitely reap the rewards. To get that chance, however, he may have to get a fat Sam Allardyce Scooby Do mask or change his name to Gazzino Whitino before clubs in England take notice.

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