Tim Chow removed from Taiwan squad

Ross County midfielder Tim Chow has been released from the Taiwan Squad this week. He had been originally called up for the Taiwan squad to face Singapore in the last Asian Cup qualifier that will take place in Taipei City. Since then he has been removed from the squad for not following team rules according to the press conference with Taiwan’s manager Gary White.

White said that the CTFA sent a car to pick Chow up at the airport but for some reason or another Chow didn’t get in the car and was whisked away by ‘Chow’s people’. After this happened White tried phoning Chow but claimed it had been difficult to get through to him. He did manage to get through to him in the end and told him he needed to report to the team hotel by 9:30am the next morning. However, Chow didn't appear the next morning for training.

White stated that this had been a breach of the team and CTFA rules. Taiwan manager White than went on to explain he had a responsibility to Chow’s club Ross County to make sure he was following a clear training schedule. With Chow not arriving at the training camp, he explained it was impossible for him and the rest of Taiwan’s management team to keep track of his training progress. This is why Tim Chow was told he won’t be selected in the next Taiwan squad.

At the end of the press conference, Gary White said he still thinks Tim Chow is a great player, so maybe this whole episode hasn’t totally slammed the door on his Taiwan again in the future.
Meanwhile, Tim Chow has given an interview with Taiwanese news, to get across his side of the story. He didn’t make any comments about what Taiwan’s management said which is most probably a good idea, he just said that he has followed FIFA rules and is extremely disappointed that he won’t be playing for Taiwan, and making his home debut.

This situation seems eerily similar to what happened with Xavier Chen who is the only other senior European based player to represent Taiwan until Chow. If you looked back at the articles from what happened with the CTFA and Xavier Chen, you could take out Xavier’s name and enter Tim Chow’s and it is the same story repeated again.

The CTFA is again being criticised by Taiwanese fans and this criticism stems from how they were running in past years, ever since Gary White and his management team were hired by the CTFA things to have started to drastically improve, this is a case of history repeating itself and points to some serious outside influences affecting the development of Taiwanese football.

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