Chinese Wales fan drew an excellent picture of Chris Gunter

The Welsh national team arrived in Nanning China on Wednesday morning to participate in the China Cup.

As the Welsh team walked through the airport arrivals, Chris Gunter received a welcome he would have never of expected or imagined could have been possible. One Chinese Wales fan, who is specifically fond of Chris Gunter took the time to draw an astonishingly brilliant picture of him; she then travelled to the airport armed with the picture and a sign saying welcome to China in Chinese, English and Welsh. 

Chris Gunter acted like a model professional taking the time to sign the picture and the Welsh shirt while posing for photos. Judging by the Chinese girls twitter account she was extremely happy with the reaction. This is one of the oddest fan obsessions with a player I’ve seen, who would have thought Chris Gunter would get such a special reception considering Gareth Bale arrived with the Welsh squad. 

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