China ban tattoos

China a country of 1.4 billion with a football team that lie 65th in the world was in the news again. This came as they felt it was important during the China Cup to have their players cover up their tattoos. It looks like this has come from this war on morals China seems to be having with its young people. This, as seen such thing as kissing at university campuses to having a trendy haircut at school, frowned upon in Chinese traditional culture.

Sohu Sports the leading sports media outlet in China suggested an announcement on tattoos will be issued by the Chinese Football Association (CFA) in the coming weeks. 

While a CFA official was quoted as saying "China promotes cultural confidence among nationalities and core socialist values, so as the national team, it has a responsibility to provide a healthy football culture for society and work as an example in this respect." The idea that it is a socialist ideology not to have tattoos or fashionable haircuts seems odd to me from the start. We shall now wait and see what the CFA say to justify this odd new rule. 

The current rules the CFA have brought in looks to be a complete ban on displaying tattoos when playing for the national team. The idea is that this will help with their aim of preserving Chinese values and promoting a “healthy” culture.

It is reported that these new rules will not just be for the national side as the rule will be implemented across Chinese football, from all levels from the national team to professional league matches in the Chinese Super League to youth football.

The rule does not just come from the CFA also as it is thought all entertainers shall have to follow suit. With musicians and performers who have tattoos reportedly banned from appearing on television shows. Already we have seen Chinese singer Dou Jingtong have to cover her neck tattoo when she appeared on Chinese TV last year. 

These rules may not apply to celebrities visiting the country, however. It is yet to be announced if foreign players playing in the CSL shall have to apply to these rules also. 

The China players covered up their tattoos against Wales and the Czech Republic and we can fully expect to see the same next week when the CSL kicks back off again. Chinese politics and culture is a very delicate matter however you do feel maybe the CFA should look at ways to improve the national side that have conceded ten in two matches rather than worry about what is on their player's skin. 

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