Wayne Rooney’s choices – ‘pressure to perform or a shedload of money’

Wayne Rooney has spoken to the BBC about why he didn’t move to China when he left Manchester United. Showing how difficult it will be for the Chinese Super League (CSL) to buy the top tier players from Europe’s big leagues.

Rooney told the BBC, "In the summer when I was leaving Manchester United it would have been quite easy for me to go abroad. Go to China, go somewhere else and pick up a lot of money and see out the last few years of my career earning a lot of money. That's just not me. I need those goals, I need that pressure. That desire to play would have been lost if I'd chosen that other option.”

What hasn’t been said in any of the reports on Rooney’s interview with the BBC is that he already earns shedloads of money in the Premier League. He was reportedly earning £300,000 a week at Manchester United which easily made him one of the highest paid players in England.

He could have earned more in China that much is clear. He could have maybe even doubled his money to £600,000 a week if his agents pushed for it, which I’m sure they would have. Rooney however is already wealthy enough to live a very comfortable life, this leads onto the problems of attracting the biggest names in football to the CSL.

The majority of foreign players who go to play in China are only going there for the big pay packet on offer. The majority of players signed to CSL teams are players either getting to the end of their careers, or what I would call ‘mid-level’ players who are unlikely to ever earn the kind of money that the likes of Rooney, Messi, Pogba and other similar level players achieve.

Therefore for players like Rooney the only benefit of moving to China is removed, or diluted quite considerably to make any benefit going there become extremely minimal. This is the reason that is will continue to be extremely difficult for the CSL clubs to attract a world renowned player in their prime no matter how much Chinese clubs are craving it.

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