Hulk loving life in China

Shanghai SIPG’s star Brazilian striker Hulk has declared how much he is loving life in China and he has no regrets about the chance he took in making the move there. Hulk spoke exclusively to the Asian Game on their podcast.

Shanghai SIPG broke the Asian transfer record at the time when they paid Zenit St Petersburg £45 million to bring him to Shanghai. Since then Hulk has went on to become one of the most feared strikers throughout the continent. Hulk has shown it’s possible to move to China and love playing there unlike some other high profile foreign imports who have moved to Shanghai like Anelka, Drogba or Tevez.

Hulk said on the podcast, “There was a lot of news, some criticism because I chose China, but after 18 months here I can say that I am very well and happy. I don’t regret it.”  He also went on to say that he and his whole family have adapted well to living in China by adding, “I’ve adapted so well here, my family’s adapted, my children love living here and so does my wife. I just thank god for this opportunity. I am really happy here and hope I can continue here for a long time.”

As Hulk’s family have moved Shanghai with him, and the fact that they have all adapted well to life in China will have been a huge factor in Hulk loving life there, more so than the amount of money thrown at him for going there in my opinion. It will surely help him to settle easier and could be something other future imports should maybe think about as the money they are being paid means they don’t exactly have to slum it. Hulk as a person seems the type of guy who would settle and give his all wherever he got the chance to play football though, as he seems truly grateful for the fact he has become a professional footballer.

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