Gary White’s training camp island tour

Gary White and his coaching team have decided to take training camps around Taiwan promising to reach every corner of the country in their search for new talent with the possibility of nurturing young talent through the age group levels and then eventually to represent the full national team.

This is a refreshing approach from White and the CTFA as they attempt to raise the number of players in the national pool available to represent Taiwan in the future. With the view to achieving their self-imposed target of breaking into the top 100 of the FIFA world rankings.

Previously when the CTFA has hosted training camps they have mostly been held in fixed locations, normally either in Taipei or Kaohsiung. As there is no professional league then it becomes impractical for players to attend the training camps based in one or two cities only if they’re not full time.  For example, Hualien is a hotbed of talent, with a lot of national team players coming from there, but if the training camp is difficult to get to then the chances of future players getting found there remains low.

Taiwanese football will be hoping to benefit from the training camps touring the island by either getting more young people interested in football or finding good talented players that have potential to play for club teams and maybe the national team in the future.  Let’s hope Gary White and the CTFA decide to make these touring camps a regular occurrence as it has massive potential in generating more interest, so we believe the CTFA, Gary White and all the coaches should be congratulated for their efforts.

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