Fernando Torres considering China move as playing time becomes limited at Atletico

Fernando Torres has found playing time hard to come by since the return of Diego Costa limiting his playing time this season. Torres has only started 7 games and appeared in 25 in total this season in all competitions.

Atletico has already been locked in negotiations with Chinese side Dalian Yifang about the transfer of Belgian midfielder Yannick Carrasco this week. During those negotiations, it seems that the Atletico management has it made it clear to the Chinese side that if they also have any interest in Torres then they are free to make an offer.

During a press conference this week, Atletico manager Diego Simeone was asked, "Would you be willing to do everything to make sure that Fernando Torres returns next season?” He had a simple and blunt reply to this question by saying, “No”.

Clearly, Atletico and Simeone have decided that Torres is no longer needed or wanted in Madrid. With his contract running out at the end of the season it makes sense from Atletico’s point of view to try and push Torres onto Dalian Yifang, and the cynical side of me thinks that Atletico could persuade the Chinese side to also sign Torres if they want to buy Carrasco.

Whatever the reason, if Dalian signs Torres he would still be a huge pull for Chinese fans. Even though his age is getting on, he is still one of the more famous players of the last decade throughout Asia. So if the transfer fee is low due to his contract running out, it would be no brainer for Dalian Yifeng to sign him because he is still likely to bag a lot of goals in the CSL.

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