CSL - No burst bubble

With the new Chinese Super League season on the horizon, what does the future hold for the league? This time last year we saw some very big names head to China from around Europe and South America. A lot of the players that were foreign imports to China cost clubs millions of pounds. 

However, the league have tried to stop this and the way in which this happened was by imposing a 100% tax on all transfers on players from outside of China. This will not affect signings for smaller clubs as the 100% tax will only come in for players signing for over £5.2million. 

The hope for China in doing this is it will stop clubs relying heavily on foreign imports to help their side but instead turn to homegrown talent. The reasoning behind this is the idea is that China is looking to build a national side able to compete against the worlds best. The Chinese have big plans for the biggest global sport and hope to have at least 50 million people playing football by 2020. Even in a country of the population of China, this is still a huge task. 

It looks like the idea was to bring in some big names to get people talking about the league but it would seem the idea was always that this would be a league for China with the best players being Chinese. 

People are saying has the league's bubble burst after seeing big players leave after one season in China with no other big names coming. However, the truth is the league is doing well but on their terms, it still has a long way to go to compete with the top European and South American leagues but it could well be going the right way. Also, who knows maybe the league will help produce Chinese internationals good enough to qualify for a World Cup and then maybe even compete against the likes of Germany or England.

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