Beijing Guoan to be deducted 10 points over Bakambu signing

According to Spanish newspaper Marca, Beijing Guoan is currently on course to be handed a 10 point deduction by the Chinese Football Association (CFA) for the shady way they signed Cedric Bakambu from Villareal.

The CFA has decided to take a firm stance against clubs breaking their strict financial rules, even if clubs are trying to not break the rules but slightly bend them by finding what loopholes they can. Beijing Guoan used a third party to pay the transfer fee to Villareal, with Villareal saying that Bakambu had left for Personal reasons only to suddenly appear at Guoan’s training.

Kudos to the CFA for still going through with punishing the club even though Beijing Guoan tried to find a way to circumnavigate the CFA’s new transfer tax rule. With this being the first attempt by a club to break the new rule then the CFA knew they either punished them or the rule would become redundant.

The CFA has clearly decided that this rule will be implemented and any clubs trying to get around it like Beijing Guoan should expect similar punishment in the future. After this incident, it is going to be interesting to see if any other clubs will try to get around paying the transfer tax to the CFA in the future.

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