Antonio Cassano - "players only move to China for money"

Italian football legend Antonio Cassano has said that he has absolutely no interest in moving to China and does not even remember the name of the team that attempted to sign him. The 35 year old former Italian international has been without a club since leaving Verona last summer.

Cassano give very frank reasons for not wanting to make the move to china by saying, “I want to know if I can still make it. I need a coach and a president who believe in me 100 per cent.” He expanded on his main point by saying, “any player going to China is only going there for the money and they should be honest about it”.

He also stated that he has no interest in making money as he already has enough and if anyone is willing to sign him that he would even be willing to play for free. Even at 35 he would still be a bargain for some club willing to take him up on his offer of playing for free. He has already showed in the small snippets of his interview that he has the right personality.

He banged the nail firmly on the head in regards to players moving to China, they mostly move there for the money only but honestly who can blame them. If a manager of another company wanted to offer you a pay rise not to doubly your money, but at least quadruple it not many would turn the offer down.

At the same time part of me thinks that Cassano is using China as a way of getting his name out that he is looking for a club, as he doesn’t even know the name of who is interested it could be seen as being an easy way of getting his name into the media quickly, as the Chinese Super League and the transfers agreed for players moving there are hot topics right now. Just like the players moving to China for the money, Cassano shouldn’t be blamed for using China to get his name out, now in the twilight of his career it’s not a bad strategy as he seems desperate to find a club given that he is willing to play for free.

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