VAR and South Korea

VAR, VAR, VAR it’s been the topic of conversation around the footballing world for the last year or so. The main question is does it work and do we need it. The answer to those questions remained unanswered but now in South Korea, they have introduced it to their two top leagues.

The VAR system was introduced to the K League Classic (now K League 1) last season and I think it would be fair to say was not met with overwhelming joy. It was in fact met with the same controversial moments we seem to have seen worldwide with this technology. 

One of these examples was seen in a game between Hyundai v Suwon Bluewings where Hyundai scored but there had been a foul in the build-up to the call so after VAR the goal was not given. What made this decision more ridiculous was the fact the referee was yards from the original foul and did not give a free kick. In the end, it could be argued the right decision was made but too long was played after the foul and the referee hadn't made the decision when he did see it in real time. 

Despite many fans not being huge fans of the VAR it will be coming back and will be used in the K League 1 and 2 this coming season. 

People have very mixed views on the VAR system and whatever yours is, it looks like it is here to stay. 

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