The World Cup could give Chinese Super League credibility it craves

2018 will prove to be a big year for the Chinese Super League, with less than five months until the big kick off in Russia, all eyes will be cast upon those big money signings to see who manages to be selected for their national teams, and of course who does not.

Normally most countries going to the World Cup would not be thinking about calling up any players currently playing in the Chinese Super League, but with a big influx of stars like Oscar, Pato, Axel Witsel, and Hulk more and more countries could have many of their players plying their trade in the East Asian nation.

If a lot of the players brought in for big money manage to be selected and play in Russia, it could give the Chinese Super League more credibility it craves even though the credibility hasn’t been created by the league itself. By countries selecting their players currently in China, they’re telling the world that they still value them while also consider them to be a vital component of the national team.

This could in theory move China, and the Super League closer to its goal of signing a huge named player in their prime, they’ve recently been heavily linked with Gareth Bale, Christiano Ronaldo and Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang. As things stand the chances of them ever singing any of these players is non-existent. Each of these players doesn’t need the vast amount of wealth that is offered by the Super League, and also all three of them seem to prefer higher level competition that keeps them in the spotlight – something moving to China does not do for the likes of the Bale, Aubameyang and Ronaldo.

That non-existant chance could be set to change if current Super League Clubs are selected, and better still perform well in the World Cup, showing the World that even if most go to China for the wealth; there’s still the prospect of going to the world’s biggest competition, therefore keeping you in the spotlight which some players crave as much as wealth.

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