South Korea expands VAR system

The VAR (video assistant referee) system is being used more and more around the world of football. It’s been discussed and if people like it or not is very debatable. The powers that be however seem to enjoy it.

In South Korea, the K League, South Korea top league implemented the VAR system in July last year after referees came under big pressure.

Following a successful use of the VAR in the K League they have now brought the system to the K League Challenge, South Korea’s second tier.

Some people may be wary of the system but they feel it’s worked well in the K League. It was always the plan to implement the system in South Korea’s second league but this has come in maybe a bit quicker than thought as it was working so well in the k League.

The use of the VAR system will be used in a total of 412 games costing the leagues a total of 2 million won (£1.3 million). The leagues clearly feel it will be a success and be interesting to see how the technology continues to be used.

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