Ronaldo Ideal for China?

Well according to this Fox Sports Asia article, Cristiano Ronaldo is the ideal signing for China. According to their blurb C.Ron is likely to be on his way out of Madrid this summer and if he does leave Madrid there is no better destination than China.

If Ronaldo decides to leave, then his next club won’t be Chinese and Fox Sports Asia have basically put the reason why in their article heading – he is not Tevez. In hindsight everyone saw Tevez’s stay in China was solely based around financial reasons which isn’t a crime obviously but to go there and not care about playing, trying or even staying fit then declaring you were on holiday is equal to daylight robbery for how much he pocketed before getting out there as quick as he could say the Chinese Super League is dreadful.

On the other hand compared to Tevez, Ronaldo has clearly been driven and professional throughout his career to become one of the best players in the world as the argument forever rages in stadiums, pubs and forums or wherever else you go. Who is better, Ronaldo or Messi? None of their peers or contemporaries are fit enough to lace their boots.  So by pushing himself to become the best in the world (or either second or equal to Messi depending on who you’re talking to) he has already become extremely wealthy. This means he is likely to be one of few players who are unlikely to be swayed by buckets upon buckets of RMB.

Not only is he unlikely to be swayed by bundles of cash, but a move to China in general will be of little persuasion to a player renowned for pushing himself at the highest level. If Fox News Asia are correct and he does leave Madrid, there will be a long queue of clubs willing to take him and pay him handsomely for his services. Even at 33 some of Europe’s biggest clubs will be banging on Madrid’s door showing an interest.

So sorry to shatter the dreams of Fox Sports Asia but this is pie in the sky hype and we’re more likely to wake up in an alternate world where the mighty Mackem Slayer - Shola Ameobi signs in a world record transfer taking him from Notts County to be Real’s new galactico.

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