Morelos - to China?

A player based in Scotland this week has been linked with a move to China. The player in question is Morelos a striker for Rangers FC who has 11 goals in 20 games for them this season so far. It would seem that his record of a goal in every two games has had people sit up and watch. 

Graham Murty the Rangers FC boss did come out and say that the striker is not for sale until their valuation is met, with a quote like that it makes you feel the Glasgow club could very well cash in on their prized asset. They have already brought in a striker this window from Nottingham Forrest making you think a move is on the cards for Morelos if the right bid comes in. 

That right bid looks like it could have come in from GZ Evergrande but with the Chinese club, at its reach of foreign imports, they would have to let one go before any move could happen. The player they would allow to let go from the list of 4 foreign imports they have is unclear however but this move may very well happen. 

Especially with a quote from Murty yesterday saying, "There is (accuracy in reports) as far as I'm aware but we have to make a footballing decision based on whether we can resource someone of Alfredo's quality.”

The fee that is being quoted for the striker is £6-7 million although the Scottish press is famous for overhyping players based in Glasgow so this transfer if it was to go through, could go through for a bit less especially with the 100% tax Chinese clubs have to pay on imported players.

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