Lee Chung-yong has been Pardewed

The legend that is Lee Chung-Yong has to be credited as the man who started my interest in Asian football. He rocked up at Bolton as an unknown quantity especially to English football fans in a £ 2.2 million transfer from FC Seoul. He went on to become an integral player in Gary Megson's Bolton side which was functional over flamboyant. The original reason for the love of Chung-yong was because of how cheap he was on Fantasy Premier League compared to how many points he raked in.

What turned that love into legend, however, was the fact his name sounded good to randomly shout when drunk. Yes, yes I know it is a really childish reason but we used to play the Chung-Yong drinking game, every time he touched the ball or the commentator said his name we had to shout Chung-Yong and drink some beer but if he scored – the beer had to be downed. He was a good player too mind and not just a beer game name game. Give it a go next time you want to shout something randomly at someone...CHUNG-YONG!

That was until Pardew got his hands on him anyway, for anyone who doesn’t know; the fans of the club I support - Newcastle United - have coined a term for players whose ability deteriorated under his management. They are said to have been Pardewed and this has surely happened to Lee Chung-Yong. Before being managed by Pardew he was integral to each team he has played for, he would offer up good attacking outlets, take people on and be a creator of goals more than a scorer of them although he would contribute with a few himself each season.

Now he finds himself all tucked up on the Crystal Palace bench while hardly getting any game time, recently the South Korean manager took a trip to Europe to check on the national team players. He made positive comments about every player he checked on or spoke to apart from Lee. What was said publicly is that it’s been made known that he must find a club where he will get more playing time. This sounds ominous for his World Cup chances if can’t get playing time at Crystal Palace or a move away.

Before Pardew got sacked by Palace, there was a wonderful news article doing the rounds that said Pardew would forget that he used all his subs, and then tell Lee to start warming up because he is going on. When informed all the subs had been used Pardew would just say, “Oh!” Or he would make him train all week insisting he would be starting the game, and then another player would say he is ‘OK’ to play so Lee would be dropped. Which is a big insight into Pardew’s ‘genius’ man management skills we are all told he possesses by his media chums.

Unfortunately for Lee, even though Palace have brought ‘Woy’ Hodgson in to replace Pardew, he still hasn’t recovered from being Pardewed and joins a decorated list of players like Hatem Ben Arfa, Yoann Gouffran, and Yanga-Mbwia among others. We can only hope he can shake this unwanted shackle wrapped around his silky-skilled feet then we all can all play the Chung-Yong name game during the World Cup.

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